Eiffel Tower in Parisian in Macao VR Experience | 360 Video

This is the Parisian in Macao. It’s inspired by the famed “City of Lights” Paris. The landmark of the grand complex is the half-scale Eiffel Tower. It’s superbly reproduced with every possible detail intact”. It’s the tallest and most realistic replica of the Eiffel Tower worldwide.

There is also a replica of the well known Pont des Arts, the love bridge. This bridge is also full of Love Locks from lovers all over the world. It connects the main building block to the tower.

More than 4,500 design drawings were made for the tower, to ensure a creation that was as authentic as possible.
To resist the high winds of Macao’s annual typhoon season, the structure of the tower is steel instead of the original’s wrought iron. More than 2,800 tonnes of steel and 853,000 decorative rivets were used to build the tower.



Atop the tower is the 37th-floor observatory that overlooks the marvels of the city’s skyline and far beyond. Two lifts take passengers to the observation level. The time to reach the top is approximately 40 seconds.


parisian_macao_7 parisian_macao_6

There are also ornate detailing such as cornice scrolls, balustrades, and mesh screens around the observation decks just like the original one.

The view from above is stunning. It’s the only spot on the Cotai Strip to offer panoramic views of the surrounding Macau Peninsula. We could also see the neighboring Chinese city. And certainly, we have a view of the whole Parisian complex itself.










The whole property is just so magnificent and definitely deserve the visit.


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Eiffel Tower in Parisian in Macao VR Experience | 360 Video

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