Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai in Thailand VR | 360 Video

This is the VR video of the Saturday night market in Chiang Mai in Thailand. It’s a lively and fun night market. There are hundreds of local vendors with makeshift stalls selling everything from snacks, handicrafts, traditional Thai apparels, woodcarvings, and more.


Nice handicrafts in the Saturday night market.

saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_2saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_3 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_4

Cute puppet in the Saturday night market.



saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_7 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_8 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_9 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_10 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_11

Cute bags and wallets in the Saturday night market.


Romantic lights in the market

saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_13 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_14 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_15 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_17 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_16 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_18

Delicious food in the market
saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_19 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_20 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_22 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_21

Famous mango sticky rice in the market

saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_23 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_24 saturday_night_market_chiang_mai_25

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Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai in Thailand VR | 360 Video

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