Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok in Thailand VR Experience

This is the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok in Thailand. It’s an airport-themed shopping mall and we are transported to different cities from around the world on every floor.

From bottom to top, the theme of the floor are Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco, and Hollywood.

Rome themed floor is the ground floor and the Caribbean themed floor is the underground floor.

If you enter the shopping mall through the BTS, you would arrive the Paris themed floor. There are a lot of on sale stalls in this floor.


The upper one is the Tokyo themed floor. There are the famous fortune cat and a statue of a female wearing traditional Japanese costume.

teminal_21_bangkok_2 teminal_21_bangkok_3

This floor is mainly for the women’s clothing. The whole decorations here just so Japan. I just think that I stroll in a Tokyo street.

teminal_21_bangkok_5 teminal_21_bangkok_4

The next floor is the London themed floor.This floor is for the men’s clothing. There are several famous icons of London, the red telephone booth, the red mailbox, and the double-decker bus.And there is also the famous Union jack on the ceiling.They are just so amazing.

teminal_21_bangkok_6 teminal_21_bangkok_7

The next is the Istanbul themed floor. This floor is for the designer goods. There are all kinds of Istanbul style decoration. It’s amazing.

teminal_21_bangkok_8 teminal_21_bangkok_9

And here we are, this is the San Franciso themed floor. And this two floor is for the restaurant chains.
There is an incredible miniature of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The details are so real. It’s so great.

teminal_21_bangkok_10 teminal_21_bangkok_11

The top floor is the Hollywood themed floor. No doubt there is a big cinema in this floor. we could meet the giant Oscar statue and the Hollywood Sign here. It’s crazy.

teminal_21_bangkok_12 teminal_21_bangkok_13

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Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok in Thailand VR Experience

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